Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Am I Too Old for Bunk Beds?

What is it about bunk beds that makes them so awesome? Is it the sensation of sleeping on top of the world, or huddle below in a mini cave? Is it the late-night whispers, secrets passing through the boards? I don't know what it is, but they are just the bee's knees. I thought so when I was 10 and I still think so. (Although tucking in the sheets is a nightmare akin to torture for neatniks.)

Anyways, I hope at least one of my future kids has bunk beds in his/her room. Partially so I can go marvel at them when they're not around! Here are some favorites I found around the internets:

Rope bunk beds from Oh Dee Doh.

Suspended by rope! I'm not sure I'd feel super comfy, but it sure looks awesome.

Rustic chic bunk beds from Elle Decor.

I am beyond in love with the idea of bunks with individual lights and curtains, like sleeping on a train or in a cupboard, like David the Gnome.

Built-in bunks by Platt Byard Dovell White.

I love how these bunks are built-in, with a wide area of play space or sitting space. Does this not look like Friday Night Sleepover HEAVEN?

Bunks with clever shelving, from by Peter Pennoyer Architects.

The other great thing about bunk beds is the ability to maximize space. These are bunk beds/desk/bookshelves!

Full-size bunks, found here.

And these are just plain awesome because they could be easily serve grown-ups, too.


gina-mom said...

when i was in college laurie and i converted our beds into bunk beds by putting the top bed on the desks, lol... the beds were perpendicular... it looked pretty cool!

Felipa Barela said...

I have loved bunk beds ever since I was a child. That is the reason why I asked my parents to have a bunk bed in my room. :) This type of bed elevates the aesthetic appeal of a bedroom. Would you believe it if I told you that I have a bunk bed until now? There's no need to ask for my age; I am a kid at heart! ^^,