Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Spy: Circa Inc. in Charlottesville

We all have our secrets that we don't necessarily want to share. If I tell you guys about my very favorite secret source for amazing home treats, will I be able to trust there will still be magic to find when I go? Well, since Circa Inc is consistently rated one of the "Best of Charlottesville," I guess it's not my secret to keep!

I started shopping at Circa in 2006, and it has only gotten better since. It's reliably one of the best spots for 20th century furniture and decor, with plenty of fabulous midcentury modern and UVA student/professor castoffs. Almost EVERYTHING is cheaper than $500, and the day I buy a house, I'm renting a truck and going there to clean the place out. Here's some favorites I spotted this weekend:

The chrome chairs were marked four for $85. FOUR FOR $85!!!! I was dying that I hadn't brought a huge truck with me. Just pop cushions in them like the classic Bertoia chairs.

This was a perfect blonde Heywood Wakefield side table for, I think, around $145. Why on earth did this not come home with me?

They also have a bargain room of potential makeover pieces like an entire faux bamboo set, with chests, side tables and bookshelves. Imagine in black, or white, or coral, or red, or, or, or. Really any can of spray paint would make them magic.

For a more classic, refined home, you can't do better than this chinoiserie coffee table for $85.

I was digging this sculptural credenza for $225. Can hold dishes, dvds or even work in an office for storage.

I secretly want to collect team and Armed Forces pictures like this to create a wall like this gallery wall. How amazing in a man cave?!

I've been on the hunt for an affordable, man-friendly replacement for Sean's ancient armchair and I nearly died of sadness that we had to leave this one behind. $165 for one, but it had a twin, too!

A sectional fit for Don Draper, at a cool $295. The fabric might need to be replaced; it was a little itchy, but the shape was so ideal for a rec room or movie room! I was in love.

This might have been the perfect man chair, except I seriously couldn't get back up out of it.

And, the holy grail, a card catalog! For $395, which is a steal, if you've ever looked for one. 

Whew. So now that I've given my secret up, I trust you'll leave me something for when I make my next trip?

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