Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wino Christmas Party 2010

Hi friends! Remember me? I'm just your friendly neighborhood blogger who has been shopping till she drops, wrapping gifts until she has paper cuts on every finger and hasn't unpacked her weekend travel bag in months because she's always traveling on the weekends.

I've slacked a bit in terms of blogging this Christmas compared to last, when I was a new and adventurous baker. I hope you'll forgive me! I feel like new wives put a lot of pressure on themselves to deliver the perfect "first married Christmas," forgetting that they suddenly have to shop for more people, visit more people and just generally adapt to their new holiday realities. So with that, I'm going to quit apologizing for not baking more, and cut myself some slack. For your reading pleasure, I present the Wino Christmas Party of 2010.

Last year, we each brought a champagne and learned how to cut it open with a sword. This year, we took it down a notch and each brought a wine with a Christmas-y label (mine had an angel on it) and brought our "greatest hits" food dishes.

My personal fave? Jen's cheesy goodness artichoke dip (hopefully I can get the recipe to share with you).

Our line-up of Christmas-y wines...no shocker here, but most were reds.

Me and the hubby.

My new best friend, Bailey.

We did Secret Santa, and of course all my pictures are blurry. This one of Lauren was the clearest (and maybe the cutest).

But I was most excited to finally bust out my vintage leopard swing coat, a $50 purchase in Staunton a few years ago. I also wore my wedding heels!

Wine club says, "Happy Holidays!"

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