Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday Best v.43

I went to my first professional football game yesterday with my own Redskins superfan husband, and a gaggle of friends. Our dear friend Ashleigh gave us tickets as a wedding present. It was really cool to see them in person, and much more interesting, but the weather, which was cold and rainy, was miserable. Srsly. And of course, they lost in the last second. I'm looking forward to going to more games in the future, though; they are much more entertaining in person.
  • If only Facebook were so kind as to give us this warning label.
  • These are pocket books after an English major's heart.
  • Perfect gift for your chocoholic office mate: chocolate pie chart.
  • I've been a hopeless collector for all my life. Perhaps if I photographed my collections like Lisa Congdon, I would be able to part with some of them someday. She has a very fabulous-looking book due out, too.
  • If I had a kitchen, I would buy these schoolhouse lights by Amy Ruppel in a second.
  • Finally! Sandwich spreads named after my favorite catchphrase.
  • I'm in love with these special edition classics, most especially the cover of "Emma."


Mia Feral said...

You might update the Ginny Branch link. It's sending us to a nonexistent Ginny Blanch!

Amber said...

ugh of course.