Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Paper Wreath

While I was tearing my guest room apart the other day, I came across a tupperware container full of these garlands from our wedding. I had no idea where they had wandered off to, so finding them was such a pleasant surprise! I knew when we made them that I would like to incorporate them into my holiday decor as a way of remember our wedding. Plus, a bibliophile like me can never get enough to typography- and book-inspired decor.

I wanted to find ways to tie the theme together, so I googled around and found this tutorial to make a wreath of book pages. Considering I still had half of "Breaking Dawn" left to be mutilated (the only book I felt comfortable destroying), I thought this was a perfect project for the home of two journalists.

As with all craft projects, however, I encountered some hiccups along the road (would I be me without them?).

I'm not going to pretend I can be as exhaustive as that tutorial I linked to, and I also didn't take incredibly pretty pictures. I had my eyes on the prize for this one. But I can help you along a bit. You will need:
  • A styrofoam circle
  • Ribbon if you want to hang it up with ribbon
  • Books you don't mind ruining
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Tear out a ton of pages.

Fold them in a way that intrigues you. I do not believe there is a right or wrong way, except for maybe accordian folding, which would require much more gluing. You will need to squirt little dabs of glue between the folds to secure them, then place a line along the flattest side and stick it to the wreath, with the pretty foldy part toward the outside.

Like so. Repeat, many many times.

Eventually, you'll finish the first layer and you'll start a second layer right on top of that, and another and another until it starts to look as full as you imagined it. This takes some time, but is a fairly mechanical process.

The only problem would be if you, say, ran out of glue sticks not even halfway through the first layer and your husband ignored your frantic text to pick some more up. But never fear; that's why a good woman always has a jar of Mod Podge lying around. It'll get the job done, but will just take a little longer.

About halfway through the process (holy blurry picture, Batman!), I decided it was bow time, which is always a source of struggle for me. I can never seem to wrangle ribbon into pretty bows, which is why I praise the Internet Gods for the myriad tutorials out there. Martha Stewart's site has a particularly useful bow guide.

I'm still not done, but I went ahead and hung the wreath from the china cabinet until I can replenish my hot glue provisions. I think it looks sort of fluffy and romantic, but I'm wondering what the neighbors will think? Nary a poinsetta in sight!


Laura R. said...

I think it's lovely!
check out this shelving unit::

Amber said...

oh man, I love that. My new year's resolution is to become more do-it-myself.

Kuvar za pońćetnike said...

I love this,it is so artistic...