Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Wedding: Photo Booth

One of my dream fantasies was to have one of those amazing photo booths that I've seen at every wedding in the blogosphere. I wanted to have a realio trulio photo booth, but we just didn't have any extra cash in our budget.

I deeply pondered all our options, but in the end, I bought a vintage frame, had my friends hang it in a tree and put out a prop display. The whole thing would have gone off without a hitch if the lights in the tree had been working; you could barely see the camera in the dark! Nevertheless, my friends got in on the action and had plenty of fun with it.

For props, I did a quick run-through of the Halloween pop-up store and bought lace "Lady Gaga" bunny ears, fake mustaches, eye masks and a host of fun sunglasses. I bought the chalk and chalkboards at Dollar Tree, and we used our own Nikon D70. Enjoy the pics!

I only have one wedding post left to go: a master list of vendors. In the meantime, I'm getting pumped for my birthday party this weekend! Hint: It involves pizza and ice cream cake!

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