Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmys Fashion 2010

Oh, the Emmy's. I felt like last night's show was pretty lackluster, and the fashion felt almost the same way. We invited friends over (Hi Miranda and Travis!) so our focus wasn't totally on the screen, but I don't feel like we missed too much. I'm delighted for Modern Family, a little sad for Lost, happy for Mad Men and always pissed when the cast of Two and a Half Men is nominated.

But on to the important part: the fashion! I had a really hard time picking best and worst looks because for every single person, I thought something could have been a touch better. No one really took my breath away, good or bad. With that disclaimer, here goes:

Best Dressed

Anna Paquin, in Alexander McQueen. Anna was one of my favorites earlier this year in Alexander McQueen, and I thought it was lovely of her to honor the designer again after he's passed. This was super fierce, and reminded the fellas at our get-together of Egyptian queens, but I will note that I would have loved a really great gold heel.

I'm usually not a fan of Claire Danes (I'll never forgive her for hooking up with Billy Crudup while Mary Louise Parker was carrying his child), but I thought her Armani Prive was simple, grown-up, classy and just glowed. Her hair looked great, but I did not like her eye-makeup. It looks good on this picture, but it didn't look good on the telecast at all.

January Jones in Atelier Versace. I thought this was a fun play on the 50's housewife frocks she spends her days in on Mad Men, but the hair was way too casual for me. It didn't look beachy or even bed-heady; it looked like she didn't have time to blow-dry, so she let it air dry on the ride over. I think it's brave to go without accessories, but I would have loved to see some jewelry of some sort.

Keri Russell, in vintage Jean-Louis Scherrer. I am sure many, many, many people hated this (including everyone in my living room!), but it moved so beautifully. I think she should have turned the disco up, however, and ditched the fabric flower. Her wild curls might have looked sexy all free-flowing.

Rose Byrne in Gucci. Um, I die for this dress, which was like futuristic Grecian goddess. The metal pieces = amazing; the draping = amazing. The Bride of Frankenstein hairsdo? Not so much. I get that it's very runway and very haute couture, but there are some things that work better in low lighting with thumping music and camera flashes than they do in the middle of the day against a red carpet and blue backdrop.

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta. I didn't even recognize her! She looked so grown-up. I thought the dress suited her beautifully (even if she looked corseted within an inch of her life), the necklace was fab and her make-up was perfect. BUT her Brigitte Bardot hair seemed to be falling flatter as the night wore on; I even heard her say to an E! host that she needed help with her hair. I bet it looked awesome when she got in the limo and then it lost its shape; happens to me every time, girlfriend!

On the Fence: Is it Good? Is it Bad?

Kyra Sedgwick in Monique Lhuillier. Color: gorgeous. Shape: gorgeous. Fabric: hrm. In this picture, the fabric looks amazing; intricately pleated to create layers of depth. But on screen, it looked like velvet and she looked like she was about to appear on the White House Christmas Special or in a very special "White Christmas" tribute.

Elisabeth Moss, in Donna Karan. I want to shake this girl. I want to tell her she is NOT Peggy. She is NOT President Bartlett's daughter. She is young! She is sexy! She is not the mother of the bride! So why does she always step out wearing dresses the color of putty or Band-Aids? The shape is pretty, but it really looks like a very advanced, designerly take on that dress Ariel makes when she first meets Prince Eric on the beach!

Sofia Vergera, in Carolina Herrera. The boys in my living room gave this a solid two thumbs-up, but Miranda and I couldn't stop staring at the bust line. I think the sweetheart shape seems very off, and the stripe of sequins made the dress seem kind of cheap to me.

Mariska Hargitay, in Vera Wang. Girl has got some curves, and they are wrapped beautifully, but I thought the little ruffle over the bust seemed a little juvenile and the random pleating at her hip seems gratuitous. Also, another dress the color of putty? Not feeling it.

Tina Fey, in Oscar de la Renta. Here's the deal: I want to root for my girl Tina. I want to say, "Ooooh it's pretty." But girl almost always wears black. The dress looked like a floor-length purchase from Deb in the late '90s. The beading looks like lace, as interpreted by Keith Haring (which could be cool, but is somehow jarring). I just want girl to get a stylist, get some color and work it like I know she can. I feel like she always comes close, but no cigar.


Amy Poehler, in Max Azria. It feels kinda bad to dog this dress because there's nothing particularly wrong with it. I know she had a baby like, last week, and she looks a-maz-ing considering that. But this color and style just SCREAMED Mother of the Bride to me. It was so matronly, so aging, so serious for such a funny gal. It gave me the blahs.

Rita Wilson, in Prada. I love Rita for reliably wearing something a little bit crazy. She's always escorting Tom, who is always nominated, so she's gotta do something to get attention, right? I can appreciate Prada with the best of them, but this looks like bubble wrap and chandelier crystals.

Christina Hendricks, in Zac Posen. Dear Christina: You are my idol. You got curves like no one else. You are a modern-day Rosalind Russell. You are fiiiiiiiine. So why are you always dressing like Auntie Mame? Why does January Jones get to have all the fun? This dress almost almost almost reminds me of those fabulous Gibson Girl dresses or something out of Hello Dolly, but girl, you never want to draw comparisons to Carol Channing.

Lauren Graham, in Yigal Azrouel. This could have been cool, but she looked SO dumpy from the side. I get what you're doing girl, but this is for TV. That is all.

So, who did I miss? Agree, disagree? Have it out in the comments!


Kate said...

I must say that I am eternally amused by your post award show round ups!

Sadly, I was working during the Emmy's last night and forgot to set the TiVo - HORRORS! I did get a chance to check out the fashions around 1am online. I think you hit all of the majors that caught my eye, but I also loved Nina Dobrev, Julia Louis-Dryrus, Emily Deschanel, and Dianna Agron
What did you think of Heidi Klum rockin the mini dress?

Oh and I think you should add Glenn Close and Julianna Marguiles to the worst dress list!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the fashion recap. I concur with all of your conclusions -- and criticisms. I also have never forgiven Claire Daines, BTW.

Sarah L.

Amber said...

Katie, I was on the fence about a few of the people you mentioned, but Heidi was on my short-list for best dressed! Nina Dobrev's dress was lovely, but I promptly forgot about it, partially b/c I had no idea who she was. I wish there were more TRULY horrible dresses like Rita Wilson's.

Bret said...

you're living room is on crack.

i HATED anna! she reminded me of something alexis colby would wear to a cocktail party to announce she's secretly gained controlling interest in your oil company and she'd also be wearing a formal turban.

january looked utterly ridiculous (but gorgeous). i thought it screamed project runway disaster, but i admit i'm biased against dresses that cant decide what length they are. fashion mullet.

keri looks amazingly fresh and stunning. i seriously don't get what's to dislike. i'm glad she's back in my life on a weekly basis.

it's no secret my hatred of e moss (and peggy olsen), but you gotta admit this dress is a step up for her as it actually fits.

lea was my on the fence because i'm sure if sjp wore it i'd be crying how perfect it was, but i think lea's way to young to be wearing this much drama all the time.

i also LOVED whatsherface from vampire diaries and kelli osbourne looked great as well.

i miss talking with you about such important matters. i cant wait for our talk show.

PS- claire danes made me mad for looking so amazing. it was like cammie diaz at the oscars this year. i hate when people i hate look amazing. i'm that bitter. but she does have the ulitmate man-candy on her arm. she wins.

Bret said...

your. *head desk*

Amber said...

Bret: Totes agree about our show. Maybe we should host a chat session on my blog for the Oscars?

Agreed completely about Claire Danes/Cammie Diaz/People we Hate. It's so annoying b/c 9 times out of 10 it's only thanks to people we legitimately love, like Rachel and Brad.

I agree about Lea, as well. Upon further reflection, I remembered how she dressed for the Golden Globes and she needs to remember she's got legs and knows how to use them.