Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alexandria Eats

We were up in Alexandria a couple weeks ago, and as usual, we ate our way through the area. Here are a few highlights! Sean's sister Katie took us to Buzz Bakery in Alexandria, where I promptly became overwhelmed by the selection. I couldn't decide how decadent breakfast should be and then got flustered.

Ultimately, I ended up with a lemon curd cupcake, which was very good (though a little heavy on icing).

Katie recommends the breakfast brioche, but I couldn't go that route because it had scrambled eggs inside and I hate scrambled eggs. The cheddar on top looked delish, though.

We also had dinner at Lost Dog Cafe, a gourmet pizzeria in Arlington, with another overwhelming selection.

After a lot of careful thought, I ended up with an individual-sized Whippet: roasted red peppers, chicken breast, mozzarella and fontina cheese. Mmmmmmm it was so good. If you're in the area, I highly recommend both for your weekly doses of comfort food!


Jackie said...

OMG. I was catching up on your blog and about fell off the couch when you said Buzz. I instantly craved a 930 Cupcake. Sadly, or perhaps not, I work about 5 minutes from Buzz and pop in more often then not. A cupcake a day ....

MaryRose said...

My high school is right around the corner of a Lost Dog Cafe. We had food from there all the time. It's still one of my most favorite places to eat. They have the BEST milkshakes and french fries.