Friday, August 13, 2010

Crunchy Bran French Toast

Is it ever a good sign when your cooking adventures start like this? Somehow these eggs got completely stuck inside the crate and I managed to break that one just trying to pull it out. What's that about, people? So weird.

I was pulling out the eggs to make Crunchy Bran French Toast for breakfast-for-dinner.

The process to make the french toast was a little haphazard. I have a very bad habit of not reading ALL the instructions, so I mixed up my egg wash only to notice I was supposed to add orange zest (pshaw!) and some other junk. I was supposed to use an egg white, but I accidentally used the whole egg. Ultimately, I ended up using two eggs, a little milk, vanilla extract and the eensiest bit of orange juice.

Meanwhile, Sean got to work making 4 sandwiches of honey wheat bread and raspberry jam.

On the other side of the kitchen, I was busy crushing bran flakes into crumbs.

Leaning tower of sammiches!

I then dipped the sandwiches in the egg wash, then in a pile of the bran crumbs and fried in butter and vegetable oil.

Finally, I pulled out the confectioner's sugar and dusted the top of the sandwiches, which is really fun.

The crunchy bran sandwiches were great, and somewhat healthy-ish (or so said the Food Network). The raspberry jam adds enough sweetness that syrup isn't needed, but Sean still poured it on. I'm always looking for new breakfast options I actually like, so this will be a good addition to the repertoire!

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