Friday, August 20, 2010

New Use for Refrigerators

I recently went to my friend Miranda's childhood home and while giving a tour, she asked us to guess how many refrigerators her family had. I thought maybe two, one for the kitchen and one for the garage? But no...I was nowhere close.

I lost count, but I think we tallied 4 or 5. Miranda was asking a trick question, but we couldn't have known. That's because when refrigerators have stopped working over the years, her thrifty dad has turned them into basement storage.

Before you get all judgy about whether that's really aesthetically pleasing, take a look at that fridge! The man has neatly organized all the tools and maintenance equipment in the house, reusing jars as storage while he's at it. I was totally impressed.

Obviously I won't be doing anything like this anytime soon, since I don't have a fridge on the fritz, but I was blown away by her dad's ingenuity. That's kind of the opposite of newly domesticated, isn't it?

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