Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today I like ... Cabin Chic

Lately I'm really feeling that outdoorsy chic that seems to sweep the nation every time we have a little less money in our coffers. It probably has more than a little to do with my recent visit to my friend's family farmhouse and furthermore, to my hometown Wal-Mart, which sells plaid shirts, overalls and duck boots year-round, every year.

I could go for a cabin escape these days; I'm fantasizing about the Lost River Modern Pre-fab Cabin in Lost River, West Virginia.

Arts & Crafts Bridal Chest, $4500 at J. Peterman (yes, J. Peterman).

Men's Brushed Gingham Shirt, $30 (on sale!) at Gap.

Bristol accordion table lamp, $199 at Pottery Barn.
Duck boots, on sale for $75 at Sperry.

Spencer wing chair and ottoman, $2,495 from Sundance Catalog. Ouch on the price, but that's an heirloom piece if ever I saw one.

Bungalow check throw, $95 to $105 from Sundance Catalog.
Toffee Plaid throw, $108 at Pendleton.

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