Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Some people are just naturals at being domesticated.

My friend Nicole was like that. She comes from this big Italian family and she loves to cook and make sure everyone is happy and stuffed. She can whip together a homemade tiramisu, paint her own porch, replace her own doors and mow her own lawn.

I stayed with her briefly before I moved in with Sean and during that time, her kitchen table was covered with germinating seeds. By the time she planted her little soil squares, she'd have more herbs than I would know what to do with. Her house had plants in literally every room, spilling over bookshelves and cupboards. It was awesome.

I am pretty much the opposite. I have tried to grow a plant twice in my life: sunflowers in 2nd grade (planted in a spot that got literally no sunlight) and lima beans for a 3rd grade class project. So imagine my thrill when I opened one of my gifts from my stepmother: a Chia herb garden!!

Cue the theme song.


The herb garden came with six spice packets...

And these incredible (and poorly photographed) Chia-trademarked soil sponges. Seriously, they are amazing. The kit also included 3 terra cotta planters and plastic plant markers.

The instruction were:
1. Wet soil sponge. Squeeze it. Put it in planter.
2. Sprinkle seeds on top.
3. Water it again.

For the germination period (which was all of 4 days), I put sandwich baggies over the pots to mimic a greenhouse effect. And then, suddenly out of nowhere, this happened:

OMG. I have plants!

Basil and Cilantro. Parsley is not pictured.

I am SO excited. Now the only trick is getting these poor plants enough light, since we are majorly sunlight deprived.

I feel totally energized by this experience, but I feel like I'm fooled by the ease of Chia. I'd like to have some flowers or houseplants on the porch or inside. Do you guys have any suggestions of easy beginner plants that are good for apartments?

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