Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For the Boys

Having just gone through Christmas, I'm wasn't sure I was ready to tackle boy-shopping for Valentine's Day. First of all, boys don't like stuff the way women do. At least, no boy in my life.

But I was happy to find a really great source for boy-friendly gifts that follow form AND function at Gent Supply Co., a god-send. Here were some of the best items I spotted:

Hand-blown shot glasses, $158.50.

The Gambler set, $42.08.

AND, a really great idea from another blog:

A gift box for the groomsmen, an amazing idea from Ruffled, a vintage wedding blog. It's like a dude picnic with liquor.


Kate said...

Still, I don't know if any of these work for Sean! Ugh, good luck!

Amber said...

of course i'm not going to post what i would ACTUALLY get him! he reads this blog, you know.