Friday, October 28, 2016

Hallowino 2016!

Traditions are what make life sweet, and few things are sweeter than Hallowino! Every year, Wine Club dons costumes and celebrates the holiday mid-week, and it's always so much fun. Here's a little recap of Hallowino 2016:

Here we are, Cleopatra, a Cat, She-Ra, Twinning Emojis and Raggedy Ann.

This year's haunted and spooky wine line-up:
  • Cloud Break Black Cloud Red Blend: A California red with cherry and dark fruit notes and a touch of soft oak on the finish.
  • Apothic Inferno: We are HUGE fans of the drinkable Apothic blends, and this new smoky wine was one of my favorites. It has notes of maple, spice and vanilla and is aged in whiskey barrels. 
  • Girl and Dragon Malbec: A bright wine smacking of berries.
  • The Velvet Devil Merlot: Aromas of dark cherries, tobacco, cedar, anise and cherry blossoms. No clue if I tasted half those flavors, but it was tasty and I'm not a Merlot fan usually.
  • Hunted Zinfandel Lodi: A fruity zinfandel with hints of spice and chocolate.

Lauren honored her Louisiana roots and served up tasty jambalaya using this recipe. Andouille is so delish.

This was Ashleigh and I's fourth year of bestie costumes and one of my favorites yet! We dressed as the twinning emoji. Check out previous Hallowinos from 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 20112010 and the first in 2009!

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