Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Best v.271

Freewheelin' Bob Dylan with Suze Rotolo, West Village, 1963

After an unintended hiatus (brought to you by that most dastardly deed: yardwork), I'm BACK with the hot links! While away your Sunday with these picks:

  • Fantastic pictures of "history" including sunbathing on the pyramids.
  • You can now tour every MOMA exhibition since 1929 online. 
  • James Hamblin argues for doing away with greetings and sign-offs in emails.
  • Advice for living, from the Notorious RBG, also the star of a new children's book.
  • Terri Gross's fantastic interview with Bruce Springsteen just reaffirms my love for both.
  • For my friends who are parents:
  • Why ancient statues have tiny penises.
  • Nearing 80, painter David Hockney is still busy as ever.
  • The "Frasier" conversation in this episode of "Sooo Many White Guys" is laugh-out-loud hilarious.
  • Behind the nomination of Bob Dylan for the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • I was always obsessed with Jackie Kennedy and always loved Natalie Portman, so this new biopic is a must-see for me.

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