Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wicked Wino Wednesday

Excuses for lack of posting: Went out of town for the weekend, then Sean went out of town, I covered some meetings and I went to this ...

Our Wino Wednesday Halloween Party! We went as (l to r): A Roman Goddess of wine, a very sexy Little Red Riding Hood, A witch, the Roman God of Wine Dionysius, the wife of the Giants' back-up QB David Carr, Kim Zolciak from Real Housewives of Atlanta (that's ME!), a Geisha and a masseuse.
I went as Kim from Real Housewives and I was, indeed, Tardy For the Party. Lauren made a lovely geisha, don't you think?

Israel played the wolf to Erica's Red Riding Hood.

Ashleigh made for a blushing bride.

But you know what you're here for -- wine reviews! This week was all about spooky, scary wines.

  • Spellbound: A smooth red with a hint of spice. Most of the reds we tried last night were almost a little sweet to start and oaky.
  • Mad Housewife: One of my favorites. A merlot with hints of vanilla; very smooth and tasty.
  • Sinner's Punch: A red blend of mostly Syrah. This was probably one of everyone's favorites. Blends are very easy to enjoy, I've found, and tend to take the best notes of different grapes.
  • Rex Goliath Shiraz: We all agreed a 47-pound rooster is indeed frightening. I liked this one, but I know some didn't love it. Very fruity wine; the web site says it has notes of plum and raspberries.
  • Phantom by Bogle: Bogle Vineyards' Phantom is another red blend. It had lovely aromas and a very red color, fitting for the season.
  • Valley of the Moon: I brought this Zinfandel, which unfortunately, was not mine or anyone else's favorite. It wasn't bad, however; it had a rich ruby color and a spicy, longlasting finish.
  • Devil's Rock Pinot Noir: Couldn't actually find a link for this and unfortunately, I don't remember it that well! Oopsie.
  • The Big Red Monster: Another blend, this time of Syrah, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah, from California. Smelled super good, fruity and fun. Very smooth, but can't taste the alcohol whatsoever.
  • Fratelli Bellini white wine: This is a table wine that comes in a big, fish-shaped bottle. Since giant fish are my biggest fear, it's probably no surprise this wasn't my fave!
  • Ghost Pines Chardonnay: A Chardonnay I actually liked, even though I almost never do. The site says it has notes of lemon cream, apple and citrus.
  • Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay: This is a Chilean wine, fruity and acidic. Not my fave, but I can't be trusted when it comes to chards.

A little too late, but nonethless exciting, we're heading out to the Biergarden for some Oktoberfest action. Beer-tasting time, ya'll! If you're interested in joining in, e-mail me at newlydomesticated(at)


Ashleigh said...

Oh. Go ahead and leave my wine out. Thanks friend.

Amber said...

OOPS. The bottle wasn't photographed because it was empty!