Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Woodland-Themed Baby Shower

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of toasting our friends' baby with a woodland-themed baby shower! I wish I had taken about 1,000 more pictures, but I guess I was having too much fun! Here's a peek at some of what we did:

Our friends are opening Winchester Brew Works later this year, and worked overtime to get it into shape to host the party. It has a gorgeous indoor pergola and a beautiful National Park art-inspired mural. It was such a perfect space for a big co-ed baby shower!

My co-conspirator Bonnie outdid herself in every way, including baking these adorable mushroom-inspired cupcakes.

I was in charge of the S'Mores Bar, featuring Wondermade marshmallows and a crate with sterno balanced among storebought rocks.

We also had a Trail Mix Bar with little baggies so our guests could make their own trail mix! It was such a hit, and I was seriously hitting my trail mix on the ride home the next day.

Shots of my two s'mores, with a Fireball-flavored marshmallow and a stout beer-flavored marshmallow.

We played a few great games that worked well for the co-ed crew, including:

  • A celebrity baby name game
  • A baby animal name game
  • BINGO for the gifts (this was the BEST idea to get people engaged in the gift-opening portion of the day)
and my all-time favorite, the Wishes for Baby. I designed the cards this time, painting a mama bear and cub and then designing it in Photoshop with my favorite Wes Anderson font, Futura.

The happy parents to be!

We also had an awesome onesie-decorating station that featured paint, fabric, stencils and more.

My onesie!

It was a fun day, and we can't wait to meet this little one. For previous baby shower inspiration, here's a shower Wine Club threw for our littlest lady and a tea party baby shower.

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Laura R. said...

Amber!! Your illustration! That onesie! You are so talented! Ugh too many exclamations, but you deserve it. I love the idea of a trail mix bar. I was sad to miss -- hope to see you soon!