Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fashion Review: SAG Awards

If it's not obvious, this week has been a bear, so forgive me for posting this so long after the SAG awards show actually aired. But is it ever too late to talk celebrity fashion? I think not.

The SAG awards always seem like an opportunity for celebs to really test their limits. In past years, many ingenues have blown it by wearing their prettiest gown of the season to the SAGs and then having a major misstep at the Oscars. Others have used the occasion to wear something slinkier or sexier, and still others decide to go all in on the cuckoo. Let us review!


I'm a sucker for a black lace dress and Rachel McAdams' gown by Elie Saab was no exception. She can be really hit-and-miss on the red carpet, but I thought this was elegant and yet relaxed. I especially liked her styling, with the wavy hair and simple make-up. It's a little dressy for SAGs, but she isn't nominated for an Oscar, so you do you, girl.
EDIT: SHE IS NOMINATED. LOL, my bad. Way to bounce back from that dreadful True Detective season!

What a foxy mama Helen Mirren is! Her sexy silver Jenny Packham dress was classy while simultaneously smoldering, and I can only wish to look this great maybe once in my life.

January Jones channeled Betty Draper and Grace Kelly in this breathtaking draped Schiaparelli gown. It has a beautiful vintage quality and she looks so happy to be wearing it, like she's challenging the New York Times to repeat that she has Resting Bitch Face.

Julianna Margulies is also one of those people who is always either my best or worst and rarely in-between, so I loved that she was solidly in my Best category in this elegantly beaded, modern white Antonio Berardi sheath. Her make-up is also so bright and pretty.

I rather liked this sultry ode to a Grecian goddess dress by Atelier Versace, but my husband thought Brie Larson looked all "twisty." LOL. I don't love the rope knots cinching on the side, but I thought she looked quite elegant and comfortable, and I like the powder blue.

Kate Winslet loves nothing more than a simple cut with little embellishment, and sometimes that makes me a little sad, but I thought this green Armani was just perfection. The neckline is interesting, the fit is on point and her jewels were great complementary pieces.

The moment the camera landed on Queen Latifah in the audience, I yelped, "SHE LOOKS GREAT!" We all know it's never easy for the curvier girls to land dresses with intrigue, but her sparkly geometric-pattern beaded gown was full of it. And it's by Project Runway alum Michael Costello! 

I have loved seeing how Kiernan Shipka (a.ka. Mad Men's Sally Draper) has evolved into such a stylish ingenue. She always makes interesting, elegant and au courant choices and I love how she manages to look youthful and girlish in this floral Erdem gown. I want to see this look at proms across the nation!

You have to respect someone who knows exactly what she should be wearing every time she leaves the house. Sofia Vergara is just such a person, but she usually plays it a little safer than this, so I have to give big ups to this Jessica Rabbit-worthy hot hot hot pink Vera Wang. I feel like waiters were probably dropping trays and crashing into each other doing double-takes over this gown.

I'm On the Fence

I'm fairly positive I do not like Alicia Vikander's Louis Vuitton gown. And then I look at it again, and I think it has this glorious 80s-meets-30s vibe and the colors weirdly remind me of early Cubist paintings and it starts to feel like it works. It's undeniable she looks sexy, and the SAG awards are a time to play a bit. So maybe I just talked myself into loving it?

On the one hand, it's Julianne Moore and she's a style MVP. On the other hand, this Givenchy definitely looks like sequined seaweed and the bandeau shape of the bodice makes her look stocky, and she is NOT stocky.


I love love love sweet Ellie Kemper, but she is attracted to some truly bonkers patterned gowns. The first word that came to me when I eyed this fit-for-Palm Springs-pool-towel pattern was "mitochondria." This Peter Pilotti gown looks like a very graphic petri dish. I would very much like to hire her a better stylist, who can focus her predilection for kooky into better choices.

Gaby Hoffman seems bound and determined to wear horribly fitted gowns, much to my consternation. This Rachel Comey just looks uncomfortable. I am also sorry to see the cut of 1990s' formal shoes return to her feet. We should all thank our lucky stars every day that those shoes went out of style, and we shouldn't give them an inch back into our lives, lest they take a mile.

I'm not sure where I would wear an office-appropriate jumpsuit haphazardly covered in honeycombs, but probably not to the SAG awards. You're killing me, Kristen Wiig. She's such a steady companion in my Worst-Dressed list that I almost feel I should just hold a spot for her at all times.

I probably would have loved Gucci's Xanadu-perfect flutter dress on the runway, but in practice on Nicole Kidman it just looks like a discarded Legally Blonde costume. Kudos to her gorgeous hair, though.

Someone call the Jim Henson Workshop, because I think there has been a Muppet Murder. Sarah Paulson stepped out in what is obviously the pelts of Grover and Animal, and she doesn't even seem that remorseful.

God Bless Lori Petty for having the cajones to wear the JNCO-meets-S&M Barbie outfit I've been waiting to skewer all my life. I almost love it for being so unloveable. And she looks so delighted! She was giving finger guns up and down the red carpet, like some kind of post-modern Annie Oakley. I'd like more of this wackadoodle, please.

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