Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Best v.254

Tseng Kwong Chi in Vermont, 1985.

On Thursday night, I went to an exhibition opening at the Chrysler Museum for their landmark new show, "Tseng Kwong Chi: Performing for the Camera" and it left me so inspired. I wasn't familiar with his work, but of course was familiar with his contemporaries Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf and Basquiat. He was a pioneer of the selfie, of club kid photography and gags, and his work is imbued with impish humor that had me laughing out loud. This particular image was taken later, during a series that juxtaposed him in contemplation of the vast American landscape. He died of AIDS by the end of the decade, and I couldn't help but find this image haunting knowing his fate. If you're in the area, definitely check this one out before it closes Dec. 13.

Here's some distraction for your Sunday afternoon:

  • Art becomes life when a giant red ball makes a run for it in Toledo.
  • This movie about a kidnapped woman's escape looks amazing.
  • A black man experiments with living in whitopia.
  • Google's Project Sunlight will tell folks how beneficial it would be for them to install solar panels. So cool!
  • One woman's body is photoshopped to reflect different international beauty ideals.
  • I mocked it, but the Ice Bucket Challenge worked! Good nonprofit management, right there.
  • This movie about a dad who's missing his daughter's dance recital left me weepy.
  • Banksy's Dismaland is a masterpiece.
  • This video about husbands had me cracking up. Story of my life!
  • Two grooms put their bridesmaids in wedding dresses!
  • Love this feature on fashion at the Whitney. Museum folks are always well dressed!
  • Perfectly researched rant about a dumb character name on "Fear the Walking Dead."
  • What happened when a Michigan town decided to pool its money for scholarships.

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