Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Things Round the Kennedy Casa

 I have a couple lovely new acquisitions I wanted to write about. First, I popped over to Portsmouth's Seawall Art Show and ended up coming home with one of these beautiful glass bowls by Joshua Solomon. The colors remind me of my own watercolors, and it captures light so beautifully. I love the modernity of the shape; it feels very feminine and masculine at the same time.

How lovely is that ombre? To die for.

Back in June, I couldn't resist buying this fun little objet d'art from The Paris Market and Brocante. It's a scratched and burnished bit of printing plate and I loved the haunted quality it had. It demands a closer look...I'm half tempted to ink it up one day and see what prints.

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gina-mom said...

I love that bowl and it will look beautiful in your home!... the printing plate is really cool, too... do you reckon it's from the society pages?