Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Best v.249

Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and their cats.

After a busy week at work and staring down another busy week, I've spent a blissful day doing nothing but reading! There are few things I love more than disappearing into a book. If you'd like some distractions for your Sunday evening, here are some favorite links:
  • The greatest of mashups: Uptown Funk and Newsies.
  • Inspired by Sonya Clark's new performance art piece, unraveling a Confederate flag.
  • A little too complicated for your average DIY, but how to create your own neon light art!
  • Taylor Swift and the Women's soccer team. Girl Power!
  • More Girl Power: the female cast of Ghostbusters.
  • An awkward first date goes viral.
  • FINALLY! Yankee Doodle lyrics explained.
  • New advice for the new millenium: always let them see you cry.
  • The Post ranks the best books so far this year, which had me updating my GoodReads list lickety split.
  • Free online courses that can advance your career skills! I need to actually get off my butt and do some of these.

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