Friday, July 24, 2015

A Happy Birthday Trip to Jersey

This past weekend was an eventful one! We ventured up to New Jersey to celebrate the (belated) joint birthdays of my grandparents, who both turned the big 8-0 this year. It was a great weekend of family reunion time, seeing cousins and relatives I haven't seen in years!

We enjoyed a day of games, drinking and eating, followed by a luncheon on Sunday with more of the same. It's a beautiful thing to bring a family together, share memories and celebrate. We're super lucky to have such great grandparents; I always feel like I hit the grandparents jackpot!

All of the grandkids! I'm the oldest, if it's not abundantly obvious. I felt old, y'all!

We had every intention of spending a portion of the rest of the weekend in New York, but sadly, Sean managed to sustain a serious leg injury while playing soccer with the family. We're still waiting for the full word on that, but let me say: life seems really stressful until you don't have a healthy body, and then you know real stress. We're lucky it's not worse, but it hasn't stopped me from complaining about having to do all his chores yet. It's a good reminder that despite how I might complain sometimes, he does plenty around this house!

To make ourselves feel better about our poor fortune and canceled vacation plans, we made a point to stop at the famous Brown Dog Ice Cream, where I had scoops of black raspberry and lemon poppyseed ice cream. Delicious!

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