Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Best v. 248

I hope you're having a magical long weekend! The Fourth is my favorite, but I was sad to see no fireworks other than sparklers yesterday...they keep getting canceled for rain, year after year. Thank goodness we at least have sparklers and tequila to get us through. For your lazy day reading pleasure, here are some links I've enjoyed:
  • Conan joins his female staff to see Magic Mike (watch till the end!).
  • The way couples tell how they met can be a great indicator of longevity!
  • A quick guide to the new Apple Music.
  • beach ball pit in Washington, D.C. Looks fun!
  • Art students turn an electrical tower into a stained glass work of art.
  • After 30, are you set in your ways?
  • Always late like me? Maybe we're just optimistic.
  • Classic obituary of the week.
  • Reading Hillary Clinton's emails is endearing. Bless her, she's all of our moms combined when it comes to tech.

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