Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Best v.245

The amazing Angelica Huston, working the hell out of jewelry by Alexander Calder.

I've been having a blissful Memorial Day weekend, filled with a mini Mad Men marathon, swimming, barbecuing and some time in the sun. It will be awful when we all have to go back to work!
  • Have a $1,000 day in Paris for $100.
  • I've been saying this forever. I'm in the in-between generation when it comes to technology.
  • John Slattery says an easy goodbye to Mad Men.
  • A new look at Appalachia through photography.
  • The birth of bees.
  • Find out what your name might've been back in the day.
  • Another classic Clooney prank is in the works.
  • So cool! Printmaking with simple household gelatin.

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