Friday, May 22, 2015

Stockley Garden Decor Spoils

Every fall and spring, I trek out to the Stockley Gardens Art Festival looking for inspiration. And every year, I buy nothing, except maybe a lemonade or — big spender! — a pair of earrings. But this year, I went through the booths quickly like a girl on a mission because I regretted passing up the opportunity last fall to buy one of these copper loop candlesticks by Tracery 157. I picked up this gorgeous verdigris candlestick that ended up being an almost perfect fit for my dip-dyed candles from North Carolina. I love how the modern form, combined with the decay of the copper, makes it look like an artifact from the future. Very cool.

I also fell in love with the ceramics of Butternut Press and couldn't resist this ceramic dish with an ouroboros motif. For now, it's just resting in the living room, but it might be hung on the wall someday, or hold rings and jewelry. I love the organic shape, especially. Perfectly imperfect.

That's it for recent art acquisitions in our house; what I REALLY need to do next is actually get some stuff framed and hung!

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