Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Smartmouth Street Party

Festival season continues marching on in Hampton Roads! This past Saturday, we ventured out to the Chelsea area of Norfolk for Smartmouth Brewery Street Party. Local breweries are one of the best community development trends in years; I love that they have the ability to create a community in corners of the city that can really use it.

I sampled their hefeweizen, saison and maibock and all were delicious!

Ash and I took the tour, partially to escape the heat and partially because we were genuinely interested! We peeked inside the giant copper pots in which they boil the barley...

We wandered down an aisle of big tanks in which the beer ferments...

And we even held samples of hops pellets and cracked grain in our teeth! It was interesting and fun. The coolest tidbit we learned? The name of the brewery came to the owner after he heard an NPR interview with Kathy Griffin when she said her granny used to call her, "Little Smartmouth." I related to that!

The beer events don't end there. Also on our upcoming social calendar:

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