Monday, May 5, 2014

Wine Fest 2014

 Saturday was the kickoff to Hampton Roads' warm weather social season, the spring Wine Fest. It honestly was the weekend of festivals, with beer fests happening in Newport News and Virginia Beach, a children's festival, Wine Fest and who knows what else! But for our group of friends, Wine Fest is the place to be.

 We had a lovely day of picnicking with pals, sharing mini BLTs (I made sriracha mayo and herb mayo!), caprese skewers, cupcakes, hummus, artichoke dip and quite a few bottles of wine! Our personal favorites: Rockbridge Winery's Jeremiah, Barboursville's Pinot Grigio, Burnley's Rose and Horton's Freedom.

Fun was had by all, but watch out for those wine sippy cups...any time you drink alcohol with a straw, it seems to vanish!

One of my readers (hi Heather!) mentioned it would be nice if I wrote up little weekend previews of some of the cool happenings in the area, which is something I'd be happy to do! Funny enough, that used to be part of my job back in my entertainment reporter days, so I've always been in the habit of seeing what's going on in the area. I'm hoping to make that a standard post for Thursdays.

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