Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Best v.205

Maine, Girl with Bicycle by Louisa Matthiasdottir (more here)

Are you having a most wonderful long summer weekend? We've had a great one so far and tomorrow I'm hoping to do some paddleboating, always one of my favorite kick-off-summer activities. Here are some of my favorite links of the week:
  • Lance Armstrong has fun playing Cards Against Humanity.
  • Brad Pitt is a good pal in New Orleans.
  • Can I post a spoiler? Check this handy dandy chart first.
  • The Pop Culture guide to summer.
  • Awesome tips to make using Google Chrome even better.
  • Jennifer Lawrence's weird but awesome hiccup cure. (I actually tried this the other day and it WORKED!)
  • Ever feel like everyone's married these days? This chart shows the truth.
  • The greatest commencement speeches ever.
  • And the best job application letter ever.
  • True stories from behind-the-scenes of Mean Girls.
  • Celebrities read mean tweets and the tweeters react!
  • A painful, but well-written account of what the 9-11 Museum is like for a relative of someone who died that day.
  • An adorable short movie for Rachel Antonoff's fashion line.
  • This is REALLY SCARY but a must-read if you've never heard of secondary drowning.
  • Want Springsteen to play your birthday? Find out how much your favorite artists cost to book.

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