Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Best v. 202

Audrey Hepburn, my ultimate fave, in the Congo while filming "A Nun's Story." Google tells me today would have been her 85th birthday. Never was there a chicer lady!

This has been a BUSY weekend, with art openings and wine fest taking up all my time, including a little work event today. I'm looking forward to hopefully cleaning out my closet tomorrow and relaxing a bit!
  • 30 beautiful shots from Mad Men.
  • A peek in stars' Broadway dressing rooms
  • The stories behind several huge pop hits.
  • A tender story about what happens when you can't conceive.
  • A thoughtful mother's response when people say her daughter is pretty.
  • A tiny burrito for a tiny hamster. Made me laugh!
  • The hidden secret in many animated films and shows.
  • How to get Facebook back to its essential. Hint: it takes 5 hours.
  • ICYMI: Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon's lip sync battle.
  • An empowering speech from Amy Schumer

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