Friday, May 30, 2014

Today I Like ... Beach Style 2014

Beach 2014

I've officially had my first beach day and it just left me craving more! I spent years convincing myself I didn't like the beach, primarily because of one bad experience when my entire suit filled with sand and I spent more time cleaning it out than swimming!

A big breakthrough came when we discovered some of the less crowded beaches. That's a gamechanger! That one beach day left me daydreaming about the ultimate beach accessories. Here are some of my favorite things I found while virtual window shopping:

  1. A sun hat fit for Audrey Hepburn, $58 at Anthropologie.
  2. Could anything be sweeter than a gingham one-piece? $72 at Nordstrom.
  3. A super chic cover-up that goes easily from the beach to brunch. $88 at Boden USA.
  4. Look like one of Charlie's Angels in these oversize tortoise sunglasses, $23 at ASOS.
  5. I love wearing cream blushes in summertime because they look dewy and seem to last even in sweat. This Maybelline Master Glaze is perfect to toss in a purse.
  6. It's ridiculous and unnecessary but I'm REALLY coveting this beach radio, $50 at Anthropologie.
  7. A beach blanket by Piece & Co. that would look just as good on a couch, $78 at Madewell. (It appears to be sold out...boooo. I also really love these $48 beach blankets from Steven Alan.)
  8. The indigo dye look of this Bamboula Ltd. bag is so on trend and timeless at the same time. Pack it full of your beach gear or take it to the farmers' market. $78 at Madewell.

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