Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Spy: Supersized Edition!

It's been far too long since I got my antiquing on, so when my sister-in-law asked if we could spend our weekend antiquing, I was so excited, I probably got overambitious! I have a list of antique stores I'd like to visit that would take 3 years to complete, but we only made it to three places. Here are my favorite finds from two of them:

 Morgan House Antiques Gallery, on West 21st Street in Norfolk, is not a place to find deals, but it's definitely a place to see some amazing pieces. Katie likened it to a museum where you can actually touch the items, and that's the truth! I didn't take many pics, but here's a couple items that struck my fancy. These carved stools, circa 1880, were $295 for the pair. Definitely not cheap, but certainly heirloom quality pieces that would lend so much character to a room.

I loved the modernity of the shape and lines on this quite classical chandelier. I feel like it could work just as well in a very classic dining room as in a very modern bedroom. It's English, and was marked down from $695 to $350...seriously not bad for a working, antique chandelier.

As always, I spotted a million great items at Cypress Point Antique Mall in Virginia Beach, but I didn't buy a thing! You better believe I'll be showing up with a truck if/when we ever move! Part of why I love this antique store so much is that you can find things of all eras and styles at great prices, so it's always very creatively inspiring. First up, this beautiful 1930s twin bed; at $175, it would be so much classier in a guest room or even a little kid's room than an IKEA piece for the same price.

 As always, the mall had some great midcentury pieces. I loved the color of the wood on this Danish teak secretary, priced at $630. Not cheap, but the piece was in great condition.

 The store had at least 10 of these tiny chairs that would be so cute in a kids' playroom, possibly painted different colors, or maybe just paint the legs to make them pop.

It's never easy to find two of the same vintage lamp, and these mod brass lamps, at $45 each, are the same price you'd pay for most lamps from HomeGoods! They would lend some disco glamour to a sofa table, or flanking a bed in a swank bachelor pad. 

 This midcentury chair is pretty much straight ugly, but in a grey linen or tweed, wouldn't it be great? For $185, it might be worth recovering, although maybe you could bargain the price down.

 I won't lie; I am OBSESSED with this crazy $400 brass light. It's so unique and reminds me of the kind of crazy light fixture that always pops up in rooms designed by Kelly Wearstler or Emily Henderson. I'm sure you probably all think I'm crazy for liking it!

 Looking for a perfect printer table/toiletry stand/plant stand? This adorable blue medical stand would do the trick for all of the above and for $75, it's a steal! I think I just talked myself into needing it, lol.

 I couldn't quite understand what this framed piece of art was, and then when I got closer, I realized it's a framed 1960s Pucci scarf. The firm is solid at $650, so this is not for the bargain hunter. But it's definitely cool. Framed scarves are all the rage.

But if you are hunting for a bargain, this bright, contemporary flower painting was $8! It looks like something you'd buy from Lulie Wallace.

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Heather West said...

I actually fell in hardcore love with the crazy $400 brass light fixture when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately we have nowhere for it since we're in an apartment right now, and I couldn't convince Graham that it was truly fabulous.