Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wine Club Night Out: Venture

 For Wine Club's night out this week, I convinced the girls to come to my side of the water to sample food at my new favorite place, Venture Kitchen & Bar. Its combination of pizza, tasty tapas items and a creative cocktail menu made it a hit! Lord knows we sampled enough to know!

The cheese board was delicious, with a bacon-topped pimento cheese, brie with fig jam and a hard cheese with balsamic jelly that was SO GOOD.

 I had my old favorite, the grilled asparagus salad topped with popcorn and goat cheese dressing.

The toasted bread was also delicious dipped in the creamy port wine fondue!

But seriously, don't even get me started on the fried broccoli dipped in basil mayo. Omigawd. Why don't veggies taste like that all the time?

 We also sampled each other's pizzas, creamed kale and delicious pork belly with apples.

 It was all pretty stellar.

And we finished the night with chocolate peanut butter custards served piping hot in mini skillets and they were fantastic. Everything was delicious, and the menu is surprisingly affordable. 

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