Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Best v.150

Coco Chanel hanging out with Salvador Dali, via Awesome People Hanging Out Together.

Since I missed last week, this week's Sunday Best is a little link-heavy, but I promise they're all great! I'm enjoying a long weekend before I start my new job! Wish me luck!
  • A really great profile of Lilly Pulitzer
  • Frank Rich captures what it's like to work in news these days compared to a couple decades ago.
  • New to me: Bill Murray joins some fans for a slow-mo walking shot.
  • Six amazing WWII discoveries made in the past two decades.
  • Mad Men's token objects, today.
  • One photographer captures gender marketing to kids.
  • I LOL'd at the blog about why this guy's son is crying.
  • Amazing photos of Native Americans from a century ago.
  • Incredible feature from the NY Times following up on a 40-year-old crime.
  • I want to go to all of these amazing places.

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