Friday, April 19, 2013

Professional Lady Work Clothes

Not to say I didn't always dress presentably as a journalist, but I find myself feeling like I need to seriously upgrade my professional work wardrobe. I'm not really a suit type of gal — my build is more like Joan from Mad Men than Ally McBeal — and I think mix and match separates are the way to go. I'm on the hunt, and wondering where your favorite place to grab affordable work clothes might be?

In the meantime, here are some inspiration shots of professional-looking ladies!

Audrey Hepburn in Charade.

Jackie Kennedy, in her book editor days.

 I love the shapes of Olivia Palermo's outfit...not sure if she
actually has a job, but she always looks polished.

Designer Rachel Roy manages to make colored pants with monochromatic
blouse look chic and pulled together. See more from her Refinery 29 office tour.

I love Michelle Obama's feminine style; she, like me, is a cardigan girl
and I like how she manages to make this look professional, yet fun.

How about you? Do you have to dress up for work? What's your favorite source for work clothes?


jrnlst said...

Oh my gosh - when I started my new job no jeans were allowed and I was like wtf will I do now because that's all I wore at the DP pretty much.

Then I cobbled together outfits based on the slacks and stuff I did own, but then last month the dress code changed and we could wear jeans (unless we had a client meeting that day).

But still try to dress more professionally than did as a reporter, where I could swear "slob" was the encouraged dress code. OK not that bad but the spiffy newsmen suits of the past were not around.

Heather West said...

I am not a fashion girl... and luckily my job is pretty relaxed. My OOTD is pretty much black or gray pants and a simple Gap or Target t-shirt.

I'd love to do more, but I just am not good at putting together cute outfits.

Heather said... Ann Taylor Loft. That is all you will need to know. Good luck!

Robin said...

I just found this site a few months ago and she posts some great outfits and how to do it on a budget.
Her style is simple, professional during the week, but with a little feminine flare sometimes.