Friday, May 4, 2012

Who's On Your Cheat List?

Remember the episode of "Friends" when they all start talking about what celebrities they'd be allowed to cheat with if they ever met them in person? I've been working on my version of that list ever since. The other day I asked Sean who was on his list, and he said his is boring and predictable: Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, et. al.

Mine is full of sexy, smart guys:

 1. Ryan Gosling. I've loved him since I was an 8-year-old watching Mickey Mouse Club after school. I'm obsessed with his dog, George.

 2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, another childhood crush since "Angels in the Outfield." Cutest eyes, adorable style. Swoooon.

 3. Jon Hamm, both as Don Draper and as himself. I love that Jon Hamm brought manliness back, along with suits and side parts. But even better, he has an amazing sense of humor and Midwestern down-to-earth attitude.

 4. Michael Fassbender. Newest addition to my list. I first saw him in a British indie called "Fish Tank," in which he managed to make a guy who did a pretty bad thing utterly charming. He is a sexy Irish beast.

 5. John Krasinski. I tell my poor husband on a weekly basis that I would marry this guy. Hilarious, smart, adorable.

6. And the longest-serving member, George Clooney. This man looks hot getting arrested while protesting human rights violations. Nuff said.

So, I'm curious: do you have a list? Who's on it, and has it evolved over time? Ten years ago, my number one would have been JC from NSYNC...I bet I actually have a shot with him these days!


Laura Rennie said...

we don't talk about this as a couple.... but, um, ryan gosling, jon hamm and george clooney... oh yesss. you know, john krasinski reminds me so much of my guy that I've never thought to crush on him! also on my list - javier bardem. his voice... facial hair... swoon. :)

Bret said...

On this week's "don't Trust the B--" the Beek had a line about being someone's alternate is the single greatest responsiblity of being a celebrity. magical.

I maintain JC Chasez is still a firm choice. He can still sing and sway his head gently.

JGL is a seriously nice and adorable guy but I warn you does never NOT reek of pot. Seriously he came to the theatre every day and I always smelled him coming.

Fassbender is pretty high on my list. He'd take the number one spot if he whitened his teeth.

My list is Gyllenhaal (note we loved him in 'October Sky' and 'Bubble Boy' before he got all buff and hawt!), BOMER (I'm a sucker for a pretty boy who can sing and rocks a suit well), Fassbender, Hugh Dancy, Joel McHale, Adam Scott, and Will Chase (seriously the man's voice melt's me and I've checked him out at starbucks on numerous occasions before I realized it was him...again).

My wild card spot is currently being duked out by the Beek, the blonde minister on GCB, and the shaved head dude from The Wanted.

Mindi Westhoff said...

I've never made a list like this with anyone, and I'd probably never use it, but this challenge is way too fun to pass up. Not sure if your list has a limit. I feel like you've got to have a limit, or else you're just constantly adding to a list of people you want to fuck more than the person you're with. I have arbitrarily set mine at five.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio/Ryan Gosling. I put these as one person because they're basically the same dude - blonde, brooding, incredibly talented and sexy as hell. I want to go to there.

2. Seth MacFarlane. He created Family Guy, and have you seen that face? Dude could star in a tooth-whitening commercial. Oh yeah, and the mother fucker sings. He haunts my dreams.

I will stop saying "fuck" now.

3. Zack Morris. Not Mark Paul Gosseler, or whatever the fu... hell his name is. Zack Morris.

4. Sean Connery. Yes, I was the girl who saw Last Crusade, looked at Harrison Ford and said "Meh. Where's his Scottish dad?"

5. Ani DiFranco. I can't think of a better way to thank her for what she's bringing to the table. She knows she wants it.

Miss you, Amber!

Tallulah Bankrobber said...

I'm all over the place!
1. Adrian Brody
2. Joseph Gordon Levitt
3. Jad Abumrad
4. Nicki Minaj
5. Naya Rivera
6. Rodrigo Santoro