Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stylish Luggage

I was thinking the other day that, although in so many ways I am really practical, I am never the person who sacrifices style. That applies to luggage, and I thought my trip to Ireland was a good time to rethink my ragtag collection of suitcases and duffles.

I have: a) a beat-up big green suitcase I got when I was 11; b) a structured black duffle with wheels that is almost impossible to smoosh into an overhead compartment and c) a tiny blue suitcase that fits enough for an overnight trip. What I really needed was a medium-sized suitcase to check and a squishy duffle to push into the overhead compartment. It got me thinking about the different types of luggage everyone should have...you don't need to take all these pieces at once, but together, they can keep you covered for weekend trips, week-long trips and month-long trips (but probably not hiking the Appalachian Trail...that's a time to be straight-up practical).

Here are some of the pretties I'd like to have in my collection:

Cute Luggage

  1. A small duffle that doubles as a tote, by Abercrombie, $68
  2. A bigger, classic duffle with silver skulls for some edge, $128 at Ralph Lauren.
  3. A tote that can fit cameras, metro maps, snacks and souvenirs, $173 on sale from Kate Spade.
  4. A classic tiny suitcase in a fun tartan plaid, $46.36 at ASOS.
  5. A rucksack is perfect for hikes, amusement parks and flea market jaunts, $52.99 at Quicksilver.
  6. A timeless big suitcase with leather trim, $290 by Longchamp.
All great choices, but here's what I'll actually be scooping up at baggage claim:
I picked this H&M duffle up to be my carryon.

I also picked up this 20-inch leopard suitcase at TJ Maxx for my overflow stuff. I'm trying to be really disciplined with my packing this time, but let me tell you, I am a born overpacker!

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