Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Spy: Longfellow, Pewter and Teak

 Lookie who finally got her butt back out treasure-hunting! I hopped over to my favorite spot, the Williamsburg Antique Mall (as if my heart had room for another) and literally found all of this stuff in one aisle! Wanna see what I found?

First up, I saw this pretty pewter tray ($13.50) and dome ($18) that I kinda really wanted but I just don't have the room. Pewter is so timeless; with a selection of cheeses, it immediately makes your table look like a Flemish still life painting.

 This 1960s cobalt blue drapey dress has NEVER BEEN WORN. It was $65, and a 1960s size 14 (which is probably closer to today's 11/12).

This pretty silver box caught my eye. The inside is lined with red velvet, and the tag (as you can see) says it's a reproduction of a late-18th century tea box. I thought it would be a great spot to stash earrings, spare change, bobby pins, q-tips or even a candy stash. This pretty box was $38.

Sometimes I'm drawn to the quirky, and I was all about this set of bronze Henry Wadsworth Longfellow bookends, for $35. Random, but I kinda love that. Great English major fun!

 I also randomly loved this seller's collection of antique and vintage Washington and Williamsburg souvenirs. I think it would be kind of fun to have some of the old Williamsburg teacups.

 This is my most-coveted item I saw: a teak mid-century side table that is SO close in color and design to our other one. It's a Danish teak table made by Vejle Stole Mobelfabrik, and was $95. (ugh, I really might have to go back for this....)

 Gold flatware is making a big comeback right now, especially when paired with super-simple rustic tables. This set was $100, which is pretty damn great for a full set with a case.

 You'd think gemstones would hold their value, but these large chunks of amethyst and citrine could be yours for an average of $15. They look great on bookshelves, as paperweights, as bookends or just objets d'art.

 I was digging these old oak file cabinets with casters. They would really zhush up a home office, but could also work as side tables in any room. They could actually be great for extra towel storage in a bathroom, or a place to stash toilet reading material.

And last but not least, they had two of these super 70s polished wood lamps for $25. Call me crazy, but I thought they were kind of interesting...they reminded me of something Emily Henderson would use in a fabulously surprising space. I picture them paired with a lacquered white dresser.

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Kelly said...

It's one of my life goals to have my entire house look like a Flemish still life painting :)