Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wino Wednesday: Caviar Wishes and Champagne Dreams

Well, it's been a full week since Melissa hosted wine club, but this is the first chance I've had to sit down and document it. We had an AMAZING night of great food (seriously...I was stuffed) and sparkling wines and CAVIAR! And, as is now our custom, we watched Revenge.

Melissa served up a grilled chicken salad with tomatoes,

A gorgeous cheesecake,

Cheese and bread and pretzel chips with spinach dip...

And we served up the sparkling wine! We had Korbel's sweet rose (very good) and my favorite of the night, Salvatore Principe Moscato Rose, which tasted like raspberry champagne. It was magically delicious.

We also tried a range of semi secs, brut, extra dry bruts...they were all good, but I'm a cheap date. Give me the fruity stuff.

Forgive the's an accurate depiction of my level of tipsiness by that point. I brought peach sparkletini, which tastes like a bellini (i.e. liquid gold). It's cheap (both in price and in classiness) and worth every penny.

Jennifer, me and Lauren enjoying some of the goods.

Melissa had never tried caviar and found out most of the rest of us hadn't either. We decided to give it a shot and Erica kindly caught our reactions on camera. I said it tasted like being punched by the sea, like when you're jumping waves and one knocks you over and spits you back out on the beach. Not my fave.

I leave you with a clip that perfectly captures what happens the first time someone like me tries caviar:

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