Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fish Tacos, Country Drives and Williamsburg Wanderings

The great, fun thing about hosting visitors is that you get to do a little vacationing in your own town. We got to do a bit of that this weekend when our friends Arthur and Holly came to visit, and it was one of the best tours I think we've given!

On Saturday, we ventured out to tiny (I mean TINY) Rescue, Virginia in Isle of Wight County to eat at Captain Chuck-a-Muck's, a seafood institution in the area. It's been featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and is the kind of place where you can dock your boat, pop up for crab cakes and hit the river for a day on the water.

 Just get a look at that authentic down-home copy writing! We started with sweet onion hush puppies with a hint of Old Bay seasoning and an order of onion rings, also dusted with Old Bay. SO GOOD.

I had the famous fish tacos, which were absolutely delicious. They're made with pan-fried mahi mahi, mango slaw and sour cream sauce. Extremely tasty!

 Best friends!

 We took a peek at the boats docked near the restaurant, before heading down to Smithfield for a quick trip through one of my favorite Wharf Hill Antiques.

We took a pleasant country drive down Route 10 to the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry. You drive your car right on and cross the James River, approaching Jamestown just as the colonists did! It's the best free boat ride around.

 Why oh why is my purse always falling off my shoulder?

 Once we got to Williamsburg, we took a walk I can only describe as an evening constitutional around the historic area of Colonial Williamsburg. We admired the sheep...

 And most especially the Colonial garden, where bell jars are used for more than decoration!

 Holly takes in the lovely view...

 And for dinner, we gorged ourselves at Blue Talon Bistro. Holly and I each ordered pot roast, which was so hearty and filling.

On the side, we had truffled French fries, and for dessert we went crazy (seriously, we felt sick from sweets) and split burnt sugar ice cream, creme brulee and chocolate mousse.

I'm such a picky eater that it was a big deal to add fish tacos to the list of things I enjoy. How bout you guys? Try anything new and delicious lately?


holly said...

what a fun time!!

gina-mom said...

Wow...someday I want this tour!... does chuck-a-muck's have broiled scallops?... do they have non-seafood items?...

Amber said...

Mom: I don't remember seeing much in terms of non-seafood items, but they did have scallops. not sure if broiled, though.

Rachel King said...

Yum! Chuck-a-Muck's is a fun spot. You should check out Baja Cantina in va beach. Best fish tacos, hands down.