Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Right Now

My favorite blogs have a) original content and b) little peeks into the lives of the bloggers. So how come lately I can't seem to deliver either one? Two words: budget season.

I've been bouncing from one municipal budget meeting to another nonstop for the past five weeks. I went to a meeting this afternoon and I have one tomorrow night, so that's meant a lot of Chipotle salads and Tropical Smoothie wraps for meals and writing from home. 

When I have had downtime, I've been falling down the rabbit hole with the Braverman clan:

"Parenthood" is such a stellar, well-written TV show. I've shed a lot of tears and had a few good belly laughs over the past few days, when I was doing chores and rewarding myself with episodes of the show.

BUT, don't despair friends! We have wine club this week and this weekend, I have a hot date with this:

Two yards of Robert Allen linen in Powder. 

Because, after about five years of talking about it, we're making an upholstered headboard! It might be crazy, but I have high hopes. Wish us luck!

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Laura Rennie said...

girl I hear ya... I'm way too busy these days to post anything of substance. best of luck on that headboard! can't wait to see how it turns out.