Monday, February 20, 2012

Bedroom Makeover 2012

Is there anything better than a bedroom makeover reveal? Um, don't answer that. Just be pumped for us.

On Friday, Sean and I spent about two hours measuring and drilling holes to mount the headboard using flush mounts, which fit together like puzzle pieces. We hung the headboard about an hour before visitors came for the weekend and then I made Sean do this dorky thing I love, which is to walk out of the room and come in as though I'm the visitor, pretending to be wowed by the makeover. I have a problem.

So before I show you our new look, let's walk down memory lane, shall we?

When we moved in, our room looked like this. Everything in this room came from my old apartment, and I love all of it still. But Sean's side table is a particle board table my mom and I painted when I was 17 and didn't really provide Sean enough space for his books and on occasion, laptop.

The curtains are still my favorites ever...I bought them on clearance at Target and I wish I'd bought three more packs. But in winter, we need thicker drapes to keep it from getting colder in there.

After our wedding, I used a Visa gift card to buy this super fun and fluffy West Elm duvet and I love it. But I've had a dream since 2006 of adding a headboard and new nightstands, so here's what we have now:

Voila! Our new bedroom! We have new nightstands, new curtains, new sheets and, of course, the new headboard. Let's get closer, shall we?

I've coveted these nightstands for a very long time, but even though I want to start investing in better, preferably vintage furniture, I'm still pretty cheap. I found these nightstands at Target, for $60 each and I added the hardware (which looks like this, except in nickel. I can't find it on their site).

 Our lamps were inherited, but are teak from the 60s. The vase is diamond-shaped and was picked up at  Bodega Shoppe in Asbury Park, NJ. The print is by Ashley Goldberg, and was a gift I gave Sean a few years ago.

For now, the lumbar pillow has migrated to the living room. It's made with Thomas Paul "perch" fabric from Calico Corners.

I picked up some slightly thicker curtains from Target. I love their color and pattern!

 It's a very subtle paisley-ish print.

 I also grabbed the navy stripe sheets from Target, which just added them in yellow stripe, as well. What can I say? Target and I are good pals.

The view from the bed. I still want to find a longer version of a dresser similar to our existing one...I love the warmth of that teak wood.

 And for Valentine's Day, I finally framed one of our wedding pictures (seriously...I haven't printed any of them out. I'm so slow!) and our wedding invitation. The photo is framed by a mat we bought on our honeymoon at Yellow Owl Workshop, but it's created by Yee Haw Industries.

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Laura Rennie said...

yay I'm so happy for you! the room looks fantastic!