Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Best v.87

Last night Wine Club went to Eurasia Cafe in Virginia Beach for dinner and it was delicious! Forgive the terrible cell phone was way too dark in there not to use flash!

 I had a rosemary salted pork chop with a cherry-anise sauce...very tasty. It was served with chive buttermilk cornbread (a little dry for my taste) and collard greens.

 My friend Ashleigh (who supplied the pictures!) ordered the swanky Caesar Salad, which was served with the lettuce in the middle of a piece of bread.

And Jen had the sesame seared tuna loin with green beans. Lovely!
  • I had a driveway moment listening to this NPR interview with the author of a book about the power of introverts.
  • You might already know of this site, but I just discovered Kickstarter, a cool way to donate money to art projects or get your projects financed.
  • This made the Internet rounds all week but is too great not to post: Kristen Bell's sloth meltdown.
  • This blogger tragically lost her son and husband within a few months of each other, but is writing beautifully about the experience. 
  • A beautiful montage of overhead shots from Wes Anderson films.
  • Brutally honest movie posters.
  • The fashion evolution of Michelle Williams.

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