Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shabby Apple Clothes

I wasn't the kind of teenager who wanted to wear clothes that would frighten my grandmother...I was coveting her old clothes! Alas, my grandma was about three sizes smaller than me in her youth, and also didn't keep any of her super cute clothes, but now Shabby Apple exists, delivering vintage-inspired fashion to the masses!

Forgive me if you already knew about Shabby Apple; I just now discovered it. The designers have dedicated themselves to creating demure clothes that don't demand anything extra to wear them comfortably ... that means no extra camisoles, cardigans, etc. As a girl who is ALWAYS trying to find dresses demure enough for work or events where cleavage/sleeveless just isn't appropriate, I am pumped about this! Here are some of my favorites:

Gondola dress, $84.

The New Caledonia dress is made of jersey, so it's a great option to pack for travel! $78

You could be a real life pin-up in the Venezia swimsuit, $82

Love the peplum on the Jacob's Pillow dress! $94

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Find Hair Stylists said...

I love those clothes. The swimsuit and red dress are very cute!