Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fierce Nail Polish

I was never a nail girl. Don't get me wrong, I love make-up, but I've always liked my nails nice and short so I can type easily and touch things all the time. I've only recently started habitually doing my nails and trying to keep them nice and polished, so I'm loving all the inspiration I'm finding on Pinterest. Here's some favorite inspirational shots I've seen:

Multicolored French tips, from Black and Blonde One.

Neon tips from Chloe's Nails.

Matte + shiny, from here. I would love to see this with red or navy.

Ombre nails (so pretty and sparkly!), from here.

Subtle sparkle nails, from Food for the Nails.

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Suzanne Tate said...

You gotta go to this blog Its sole focus is amazing nail polish treatments. I saw a nail color simulator earlier this week with Sephora -- but I can't find it again. I love seeing what a polish should look like (before buying!)