Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Spy: Williamsburg Antiques (for the millionth time)

It's been a little while since I dropped by my old time-wasting standby, the Williamsburg Antique Mall, but I had a few minutes and decided to drop by. As always, I spotted a few gems I thought I'd share.

This poster about Peanut Butter had me cracking up, and I legitimately think it could be a fun kind of kitschy poster for a breakfast nook, playroom or even office. Its design is retro in a good way, and clearly the seller knew it because it was priced at $64!

I've been needing a desk chair at home for a while and I really should maybe consider going back for this old desk chair. It was $70, and totally comfortable and I think would look especially great with a very modern desk like this one.

I also spotted this very sturdy walnut Jenny Lind bed. The wood is lovely, but I think it would be beautiful painted in a soft mint or butter yellow, with pretty white linens in a guest room. It was also in the $70 range.

This horse doorstop would look badass on a mantle or bookcase; it said it was $59 FIRM.

I'm always imagining how I would decorate a man cave, and I'd love to buy some of these canoe paddles and hang them up horizontally. I think they'd also look great in a beach or lake house. I picture a room with lots of white, so the age of the wood really pops.

This mirror was SUPER chic. That ring at the top is so classy, and it looked like something out of a room by Victoria Hagen. I think it was about $165, but it's possible my mind is playing tricks on me.

The Williamsburg mall rarely has midcentury stuff, but one seller had a few items, including this really fabulous teak Danish lamp with a tweed lampshade. This would go great in my imaginary man room, right?! It was $85.

How bout ya'll? Spotted any great items recently? Any ones-that-got-away?


Kate said...

I might have said this before, and if I have, sorry to be repeative. Nevertheless, I really love these "I Spy" posts! You have such a great eye for really interesting pieces and I find it really inspiring!

Keep 'em coming!!

Amber said...

you are the nicest sister-in-law! lol

Tallulah Bankrobber said...

I can't believe I never made it there before leaving Virginia. You find the best stuff, and you don't even have to buy it! Please never stop posting these antiquing trip finds.