Friday, July 22, 2011

A Gem Exhibit at Home

For months I've been talking about buying a glass box of some sort to show off my gem collection. Let's be clear: this is a useless and perhaps dumb endeavor. Sean probably got a headache from raising his eyebrows so much every time I mentioned it. Buying a fancy box to display my childhood gem collection was, needless to say, not on his list of essential purchases.

A little background: For almost all of middle school, I was obsessed with gems. I grew up going to the American Museum of Natural History in New York every summer, where the gem room was my favorite. I would buy gemstones in gift shops and had books and just generally was crazy for them. In my favorite Boxcar Children book, Surprise Island, the Alden kids created their own natural history museum, displaying feathers and shells and rocks and who knows what else. Ever since (so we're talking since 1993 here), I wanted to do the same thing!

I finally found the right box at ABC Carpet and Home when we were in New York. Sean for sure thought it was a ridiculous purchase, but lookit? Don't my gems look so pretty? One step closer to a museum in my house!

P.S. If you REALLY want your house to look like a museum, check out Paxton Gate. The store in San Francisco is INSANE and looks like Snape's potion classroom or something.

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