Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wino Wednesday: Back in the Day Wines

So last night I hosted wine club, and let's just say I'm still feeling the effects. Sign of a good party right? We decided to have "wines we drank back in the day," which is a fancy way of saying there was a lot of Sutter Home, Arbor Mist and Turning Leaf in the house. To offset our cheap and fabulous wine, I decided to make the table decidedly fancy and spring-y.

Honestly, I was just excited to finally have a chance to put out all the pretty wedding gifts we received and the antiques I've picked up in the past year. I set the table with a vintage lace linen tablecloth I got in Alexandria for $12, a jadeite cake stand I bought at the Williamsburg Antique Mall, our beautiful bowl and pitcher from the Sophie Conran line for Portmeiron, my grandmother's crystal and a French-style linen towel from Heath Ceramics.

P.S. Check out our painting! We love it.

Sean, my very favorite husband, obliged me by running outside to clip some cherry blossom branches off a tree in our complex. He definitely was like, "Are you sure? That's not our tree! Are you sure?" to which I reminded him we pay to live here and by extension it's our yard. Right? Right. 
Anyways, I served cucumber bites with blue cheese dip and chives...

And red pepper strips with ranch dressing (in our vodka shooters...definitely stole this idea from the internets).

I picked up these very spring-y Caspari plates.

And my new favorite ludicrously easy appetizer: pepperoni palmieres! Recipe forthcoming, ya'll. The zinc placecards, by the way, are from Paper-Source. I think they would work just as well in a garden, too.

What's a party without microwaved Mexican cheese dip?!

And last but certainly not least...the damage. The idea was to bring wines we drank before we knew anything about wine. I brought Arbor Mist Strawberry Wine, and I'm embarrassed to say it was delicious and I might go back to drinking that ALL the time.

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