Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Spy: World Market

So, World Market is one of my very favorite chain stores for homewares/fancy foods/cooking tools. I sometimes have mixed feelings about the merchandise...it's often knock-offs of famous designs, and I always have this inner tug-of-war over whether I should buy a knock-off to achieve a look or just save up for the real thing. 

Then reality hits me and I realize I am not going to be featured in any magazines any time soon, and who am I to snub a good deal? So here's some recent World Market finds I spotted that are dead ringers for the more expensive trends.

My World Market had a big display set up to look like a French cafe, complete with these metal stools reminiscent of the famous (and timeless) Tolix stools. I think these were $80.

I usually don't advocate buying copycat art, or mass-produced store art, but this $129 canvas (which might very well be licensed from this one by Jodi Fuchs has great colors, great graphics and would go in almost any room. I picture it on a wall over a little girl's crib, over a TV or above a bed!

EDIT: This is by Jodi Fuchs and was licensed to World Market, so whew! No guilt necessary!

Timeless, classic metal cafe tables. These were downsized to the perfect size for apartment and condo balconies, and cost $69.99!!!

For the past few years, World Market has stocked wonderful suzani-print floor cushions that were fabulous, but maybe a bit too trendy. I'm liking the colors and print of this more classic floral one, which could blend seamlessly in a colorful room or make a neutral room pop. I think it was in the $40 range, but I'm not positive.

And last but not least, the perfect neutral rug. It hits that middle note between boring and grounding, and the 5 x 8, which is about perfect for most apartment living rooms (I always think in apartment terms), was $179.

If you have a World Market nearby and you've never wandered in, make a stop! It's a fun time-waster. If you'd rather buy some more authentic international goods, may I recommend Ten Thousand Villages or Basic French?


Sara said...

I have a version of that world market Cafe table from a few years back. Mine is folding, and on and off functions as my kitchen table. It's really heavy, and therefore incredibly sturdy. I miss world market.

Bret said...

I won't comment on the rug/grounding pun. tsk tsk....

Who do you think you are, me???