Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Best v. 51

Spotted this pin on Pinterest and it took my breath away! Isn't this what you want every Sunday to look like? Swoon.
  • This woman's home is ca-razy, and looks a little like a dollhouse.
  • This is almost passe by now, but still worth a click: Sheen Family Circus.
  • A filmmaker let his baby trash a bar. (No babies harmed!)
  • Backstage tweets from James Franco. So that's what he was doing all night!
  • Love the new shots of Penelope as Belle and Jeff Bridges as the Beast.
  • For my next birthday, I want to have a dinosaur party!


Sophie Delphis said...

A dinosaur theme to just about anything is always appropriate.

Also, do you know if that picture is of Pacific Grove, Cal.? It looks very much like that coastline in late spring.

Amber said...

I have no idea, but I'll trust your judgment! Wherever it is, I want to go to there.