Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Paintings, or Why I Don't Cook

You may have noticed that for a blog that's about becoming domesticated (which I really consider everything to do with being a grown-up), I haven't been doing much cooking or cleaning lately. Blame it on the newfound painting passion; I just spend every spare moment painting these days. I've also been crazy busy with work and while I have cooked, none of it was blogworthy, unless you're curious about how to make out-of-the-box Old El Paso tacos.

So with no baking or DIY craft projects to show for myself, I figured I'd share what I've really been doing. Here are some recent favorites, all with watercolor.

Horses, running. I want to focus on movement a little more.

A friend asked for a painting of Jane Goodall, so I painted this.
 Abe Lincoln, obviously.

 Audrey, of course.
And some favorite lamps at Shades of Light.

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Carmel said...

I LOVE your Jane Goodall!